Retrieving Data Location In JSON Format

This API call retrieves a list of all of the nodes on which a metric resides.

Data will be returned as a JSON object. The format of this object is described below.







  • uuid : The UUID of the check to which the metric belongs.
  • metric : The name of the metric to locate.


  • key : The key used to locate the metric. It is in the form <UUID>-<metric>.
  • location : An array of JSON objects representing the nodes on which the data resides. The format of each object in the array is as follows:
    • id : The UUID of the node.
    • address : The IP Address of the node.
    • port : The port on which the node is listening.
    • apiport : The port on which the API is listening for the node.
    • weight : A value representing the relative preference weight of this node for metric ownership, compared to its peers.
    • n : The number of nodes in the topology on which data is stored.



In this example:

  • locate : This is the command to locate a check/metric.
  • json : This is the command to read data in JSON format.
  • 6f6bdc73-2352-4bdc-ab0e-72f66d0dee12 : This is the Check UUID.
  • example : This is the Metric.

Example 1 Output

  "key": "6f6bdc73-2352-4bdc-ab0e-72f66d0dee12-example",
  "location": [
      "id": "1f846f26-0cfd-4df5-b4f1-e0930604e577",
      "address": "",
      "port": 8112,
      "apiport": 8112,
      "weight": 32,
      "n": 2
      "id": "07fa2237-5744-4c28-a622-a99cfc1ac87e",
      "address": "",
      "port": 8112,
      "apiport": 8112,
      "weight": 32,
      "n": 2

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