Retrieving Raw Data

This is legacy endpoint. It is recommended to use the Fetch endpoint for all data reads.

Fetches raw (full resolution) numeric data from the raw database. Data is returned as an array of tuples of [timestamp in milliseconds, value]







  • metric : The name of the metric for which to pull data (url encoded).
  • uuid : The UUID of the check to which the metric belongs.
  • start_ts : The start time from which to pull data, represented in seconds.milliseconds since the unix epoch.
  • end_ts : The end time up to which data is pulled, represented in seconds.milliseconds since the unix epoch.

A note on the start_ts and end_ts parameters:

The format is <seconds since epoch>.<milliseconds>. In terms of printf, it is %lu.%03lu, i.e., 1516820826.120. While this might look like a float, it is, in fact, a strict textual format that requires exactly three digits after the decimal point. These must always be included, even if they are 000.

For example, 12345.6 does not mean 12345 seconds and 600 milliseconds; it is an illegal format. The <milliseconds> portion of the timestamp must always be 3 digits to represent values from 000 to 999.



In this example:

  • raw : The raw command
  • fc85e0ab-f568-45e6-86ee-d7443be8277d : The UUID of the check
  • online : The name of the metric to retrieve data for
  • 1529509020.000 : 2018-06-20T15:37:00+00:00 and zero milliseconds
  • 1529509200.000 : 2018-06-20T15:40:00+00:00 and zero milliseconds

Example 1 Output


Note that the returned timestamps are milliseconds since unix epoch and represent the timestamp on each incoming data row.

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