Retrieving Text Data

This is legacy endpoint. It is recommended to use the Fetch endpoint for all data reads.

This API call is for retrieving text data from the Snowth cluster. It will return an array with all the timestamps from the time given, along with the attendant data.

Data will be returned in an array of tuples. Each tuple will contain a timestamp that indicates when the text value was received (given in milliseconds since the epoch), as well as the text value itself. The database contains all text samples submitted, but the stream is returned, by default, as a front-edge-triggered list. In otherwords, if the same value is submitted multiple times sequentially, the result set fetched will have only the first occurrence or the "front-edge" of the signal.







  • start : The start time from which to pull data, represented in seconds since the epoch. This value is inclusive (data for the start time given will be pulled).
  • end : The end time from which to pull data, represented in seconds since the epoch. This value is exclusive (data up to, but not including, the given end time will be pulled).
  • uuid : The UUID of the check to which the metric belongs.
  • metric : The name of the metric for which to pull data.

Querystring Paramters

  • get_specific_range=<true|false> will ensure all timestamps are within the start/end boundary and return every sample (not compressing duplicates to their starting edge. The default is false.
  • lead=<true|false> will include the point before start if there is no point exactly at start and such a point exists. The default is true.



In this example:

  • read : This is the command to read data from the server.
  • 1380000000 : This is the Start Time (September 24, 2013, 05:20:00 GMT).
  • 1380000600 : This is the End Time (September 24, 2013, 05:30:00 GMT).
  • 6f6bdc73-2352-4bdc-ab0e-72f66d0dee12 : This is the Check UUID.
  • text_example : This is the Metric Name.

Example 1 Output


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