Getting Topology Rebalance State

This API call is for viewing the current topology rebalance state.

Data will be returned as a JSON document. The fields in this document are described below.







  • current : The current topology in which this node resides.
  • next : The next topology for this node.
  • state : Current rebalance state for this node. Value is one of:
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_IDLE (no rebalance activity)
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_VOTE (establishing agreement on next hash across the cluster)
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_REHASH (relocating data)
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_REHASH_VOTE (waiting for data relocation completion on all nodes)
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_CLEANUP (removing data from old topology)
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_COMPLETE (local operations complete, switching to next topology)
    • TOPO_REBALANCE_COMPLETE_VOTE (waiting for all other nodes to complete and switch to the next topology)

During a rebalance operation, each node will proceed through the above states in order, returning to TOPO_REBALANCE_IDLE when finished. The topology that was listed as "next" is now "current", and "next" is now "-", meaning no next topology.



Example 1 Output

  "current": "071b9fe756e07a8656273546d504dbc69c356c9ed525aacf898e3cceb3778755",
  "next": "8bd44d5240847b8aa67435492d0b93e334ee6e3725afe02ee83821aee60b803f",

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