Searching tag data

Find metrics using boolean tag search. Output is a JSON array of objects.



  • /find/<account_id>/tags?query=<query>&activity_start_secs=<start>&activity_end_secs=<end>&latest=<0|1|2>
  • /find/<account_id>/tag_cats?query=<query>
  • /find/<account_id>/tag_vals?query=<query>




  • account_id : The account to search
  • query : See Tag Queries for more info on tag queries.
  • activity_start_secs : (optional) The start time from which to pull data, represented in seconds since the unix epoch.
  • activity_end_secs : (optional) The end time up to which data is pulled, represented in seconds since the unix epoch.
  • latest : (optional, default 0) Specify if the latest values for the metric should be returned. Parameters:
    • 0 : Do not return latest values.
    • 1 : Return latest values if it is a no-work operation
    • 2 : Return latest values even if work must be performed, and turn on tracking for this metric so it will be "free" for later calls.



Return all metrics matching a tag query along with information about those metrics.

If activity tracking is turned on this will include activity windows for the metric.

If latest value tracking is turned on and/or requested for this metric, this will include the 2 most recent value tuples for the metric, if available. The two most recent values are provided so that a caller can calculate a derivative if desired. If called in "no-work" mode (1) and no value is freely available, an empty object will be returned.

    "uuid": "9aae16cd-4427-4330-8bd8-5c4cd176e67e",
    "check_name": "some name here",
    "metric_name": "foo|ST[app:myapp,region:us-east-1]",
    "category": "reconnoiter",
    "type": "numeric",
    "account_id": 174,
    "activity": [
      [ 1558029600, 1558032300 ],
      [ 1559746800, 1569273300 ]
    "latest": {
      "numeric": [
        [ 1569271882337, 2991012437 ],
        [ 1569271942930, 2991020000 ]


Return the categories of the incoming query.



Return the values of the incoming query.


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