Writing Text Data

This is legacy endpoint. It is recommended to use the Raw Data submission endpoint to submit text data.

This API call is for writing text data into the IRONdb cluster. It sends a JSON object containing the data to be added to the cluster.






JSON Format

  • metric : The name of the metric for which data is added.
  • id : The UUID of the check for the metric for which data is added.
  • offset : The timestamp, represented in time since the epoch, for which data added.
  • value : The text string to add to the IRONdb cluster.


The following example uses a file, data.json, containing the JSON object below and posts it to an IRONdb node.

curl -X POST \
     -d @data.json \

The JSON object below will add data to the IRONdb cluster for two text metrics, named "textexample1" and "textexample2". The data will be added at offset 1408724400 (August 22, 2014, 12:20:00 GMT).

data.json contents:

    "offset": "1408724400",
    "id": "ae0f7f90-2a6b-481c-9cf5-21a31837020e",
    "metric": "textexample1",
    "value": "this_is_a_test"
    "offset": "1408724400",
    "id": "ae0f7f90-2a6b-481c-9cf5-21a31837020e",
    "metric": "textexample2",
    "value": "this_is_also_a_test"

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