Wildcard, Tag Query and Check Delete Result Statuses

When doing a delete which could affect multiple metrics, the returned JSON response will indicate the final status for each metric which matched the request. A list of these statuses and a description is given below. Note that, in many cases, the "payload' field will contain further details.

  • Bad request : The URI did not conform to expected syntax or inputs for the API
  • Deleted : Data was found and the deletion completed successfully
  • Found : Data was found that can be deleted if request is submitted again with delete confirmation
  • Invalid range : An argument is not within the proper range of allowable values
  • No content : No data to be deleted was found (prior to the end time if not full delete)
  • Not found : The metric name was not found
  • Not implemented : The supplied request is not currently implemented
  • Not local : The metric's data is not stored or replicated on this node of the cluster
  • Redirected : The request for deletion was forwarded to another node(s)
  • Server error : An error occurred while performing the deletion
  • Unable busy : The deletion request cannot be performed currently, please try later
  • Undefined : The result code is unknown and not valid

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