Prometheus Ingestion

IRONdb has native endpoints for accepting remote write data from a Prometheus installation. Once the Prometheus module is enabled, data can be sent to IRONdb by setting the Prometheus remote_write endpoint to:


Enabling Prometheus Module

IRONdb must be configured such that the Prometheus module is enabled for reading or writing Prometheus data natively. Prometheus support is activated by adding the following line:

<generic image="prometheus" name="prometheus"/>

to /opt/circonus/etc/irondb-modules-site.conf. This file preserves local modifications across package updates.


Prometheus data is not namespaced by nature. This can create confusion if different copies of Prometheus have identically named metrics. Inside of IRONdb, we require that all data be namespaced under a UUID. This UUID can be arbitrarily chosen or created using uuidgen on a typical unix system. Each distinct set of Prometheus data should have its own UUID. For high-availability in Prometheus it is the recommended pratice to have two copies collecting the same data. While these two instances do not contain the same data, they do represent the same metrics, and so should share a common UUID for their namespace. One may wish to send both of these instances into IRONdb where they simply become more samples in the given metric stream.

All metrics live under a numeric identifier (one can think of this like an account_id). Metric names can only be associated with one "account_id". This allows separate client instances that completely segregate data.

Writing Prometheus Data to IRONdb

To configure a Prometheus instance to write to IRONdb the Prometheus YAML configuration file will need to be updated. The remote_write section's url field should be set to http://irondbnode:8112/module/prometheus/write/<accountid>/<uuid>.

This should look something like:

  - url: "https://irondbnode:8112/module/prometheus/write/1/321b704b-a8ff-44b7-8171-777dc49bc788"

Reading Prometheus Data from IRONdb

To configure a Prometheus instance to use IRONdb as a remote datasource, the Prometheus YAML configuration file will need to be updated. The remote_read section's url field should be set to http://irondbnode:8112/module/prometheus/read/<accountid>/<uuid>.

This should look something like:

  - url: "https://irondbnode:8112/module/prometheus/read/1/321b704b-a8ff-44b7-8171-777dc49bc788"

Load balancing requests

Both read, and write requests to IRONdb can safely go to any node in an IRONdb cluster. To ensure high availability and distribute load, users are encouraged to put a load balancer between the Prometheus nodes and the cluster.

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