Reading Prometheus Data from IRONdb

Enable the Prometheus Module

As of version 0.17.0, the Prometheus module is active by default for new installations. If you previously activated the module using the instructions below, you may remove the line from irondb-modules-site.conf after upgrading to 0.17.0 or later, but it is not an error if the line appears more than once.

IRONdb must be configured such that the Prometheus module is enabled for reading or writing Prometheus data natively. Prometheus support is activated by adding the following line:

<generic image="prometheus" name="prometheus"/>

to /opt/circonus/etc/irondb-modules-site.conf on each IRONdb node. This file preserves local modifications across package updates. A service restart is required after changing configuration.

Configure Remote Read

To configure a Prometheus instance to use IRONdb as a remote datasource, the Prometheus YAML configuration file will need to be updated. The remote_read section's url field should be set to http://irondbnode:8112/module/prometheus/read/<accountid>/<uuid>.

This should look something like:

  - url: "https://irondbnode:8112/module/prometheus/read/1/321b704b-a8ff-44b7-8171-777dc49bc788"

But with a UUID value matching what was configured in the remote write URL.

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