Install IRONdb Community via Docker and get started with 25,000 metrics FREE.


Our IRONdb Community Docker image comes prebuilt with IRONdb running as a single node cluster. This will allow you to test out the features of IRONdb and illustrate how quickly you can integrate with IRONdb. Future containerization offerings will allow for multi-node clustering support for a larger containerized deploy.


First: install Docker. This install guide provides a good tutorial after installation is complete; but it’s not necessary to complete the tutorial to proceed with IRONdb Community.

Getting Started

Once you have Docker installed, open your terminal and both pull down and run the image with:

docker run --name irondb -p 8112:8112 -d irondb/irondb


Then, confirm the node is running with:

curl http://localhost:8112/state


IRONdb is now installed. Congratulations! Please check out our docs to learn more about IRONdb and how to properly integrate with it.